Dr. Vidya Gobinath, B.N.Y.T., R.M.P (A.M.)., M.Com – Natural diet and health specialist gives free consultancy between 10 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. except Sunday.

She follows traditional method of diagnosis, the naadi shastra. Our body is controlled by three naadis – vatha, pitha and kapha per our great sidhas and gurus. The ups and downs of these naadi rates (pulse) helps in diagnosing the disease. The treatment includes a diet chart with herbal medicines and simple exercises. She also recommends few alternative therapies including mud therapy, hydro therapy, magnetic therapy and acupressure and so on. Following these one could completely get recovered from their disease and get energized and lead a healthy life.

The Treatment is divided into four parts.
• Change in food diet
1. Do’s and Don’ts in the food diet
2. Methods to eat the food
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• Herbal Medicines
Medicines are suggested to one’s need. Below are the different medicines available.
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• Physical Exercises
Our great ancestors have suggested exercises that could be practiced easily by all. The ‘8’ shaped walking exercise is one of them which fetches good results when practiced daily.
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• Alternative Therapies
Methods other than allopathy (English medicine). Below are the products available.
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What Customer Says

kiki Sound

after more than 3 months traveling thru india, it is a true pleasure finding this place and be able to eat some non buttery, not oily and non cooked food. it's not the greatest place on earth, but a nice change. plus the first time I try a full raw vegan thali.

I thought it was tasty, and without a doubt, very reasonably priced. they also have a health food shop, owner could be a bit more friendly though

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