After seven years of research in preparation of raw food items, we opened Energy Home, the one and only natural health food restaurant and organic health shop on March 5, 2000. Since then for seventeen years, we are successfully serving our customers with nearly 900 varieties of raw food items and another 1000 different organic food materials and alternative therapies products.

Under one roof, we serve raw foods, organic health products and provide health consultancy. It is the only place where you could get all your health needs answered.


In today’s polluted world, getting healthy organic food is difficult. Energy home have engaged itself in supplying these organic products which will enhance the vitality and energy boosting the immune power and helps in maintaining good health.

We also supply herbal products which could recover one from their chronic and acute ailments and are free from side effects. Along with the herbals, we also recommend alternative therapy products like acupressure rollers, mats, magnets, pyramids etc which would facilitate an easy recovery. Getting back to our tradition and culture is what we do at Energy Home.

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